Is there espresso and filter options?

Our roast approach is a single profile approach, where we continually adjust and re-profile our coffees to best suit its inherent terroir and characteristics. With that in mind, our coffees are of a medium-light roast or in terms of color spectrum for you coffee nerds out there (like myself), between 88 to 95 on the Lighttells Color Index! This ensures our coffee presents balance in cup between acidity and sweetness for all brewing methods.


Why does my coffee bag have no valve on it?

Our bag design seals in those precious aromatics that make our coffees tastier! Without the need for a valve as it keeps out age-inducing oxygen, allowing for vibrancy in the coffees to shine. The lack of the valve commonly found on most coffee bags means that the coffee inside the bags sits in a pressurised state. Brewing recommendations are on the back of the coffee cards, our coffee peaks 3-4weeks post roast, so fresh coffee isn’t always the best 🤪 


When is my coffee roasted?

Orders are packed and shipped with coffee's from our latest roast date, which is located in the coffee information. Kindly place your order before 12pm on Monday to allow us sufficient time to process. Orders received after 12pm would be consolidated and fulfilled the following week's cycle. The coffees goes through our weekly production cupping to ensure quality control, before being packed and picked by our delivery partners on Friday, delivery will take 2-3 working days