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Honduras El Puente SL28

Honduras El Puente SL28

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Medium-Light Roast, Roasted for all brewing methods!

Current Roast : 21/5/2024

It’s our third year and third coffee we’ve purchase from the famed producers Marysabel Cabellero and Moises Herrera of their farm, El Puente, located in Marcala, Honduras.

Their farm has 15 different planting plots, every one of which has their own unique terroir and provides different condition for their coffees. Majority of the plantation in El Puente is of the catuai cultivar and has focused on the traditional fully washed process. In recent years, they have diversified the cultivars they’re growing and also using more modern fermentation techniques on their coffees and were happy to share the result of their hard work through this lot! 

TIM stands for Terroir Intensified Maceration. Just as its name, this aims to bring out the most the Terroir can offer, including varietal and microbes. Mossto, which mean juice, from previous coffee cherry ferments are added into this batch to aid in the fermentation process. This enhances the terrior characters of the coffee while preserving more sweetness. We really enjoy this coffee for its balance in sweetness and body while having a interesting lactic-like acid quality in the cup which reminds us of blackberry yoghurt, accompanied with its fruit sweetness!

Brewing Parameters

Everyone has their own way to brew a tasty cup of coffee and that's the most fun, to be able to explore the many different variables that affect the coffee's extraction!

Here's a simple guide to follow :

Too much astringency, acidity / sharp, pointed - extract more!

Too much bitterness, dry finish - extract less!

- Use filtered water when possible, mineral water would be your next best option when brewing at home. Mineral composition of water greatly affects the extraction of solubles in coffees, hence affecting the cup's profile.

- Try using a brewing temperature of around 90-93°C as we feel it give optimal extraction of flavours from our coffees. 

- Start brewing with a base ratio of 1g ground coffee to 16 - 17g brew water for filter brews (by hand) and 1g ground coffee to 2 - 2.5g brew water for espressos (by pressure) and you can adjust the ratio from there according to your taste preference!

- Coffee are best consumed within 2 month (normal usage) or 3 months (unopened) as exposure to oxygen increases the oxidation rate of the coffees. 

Shipping information

Orders are packed and shipped with coffee's from our latest roast date, which is located in the coffee information. Kindly place your order before 12pm on Monday to allow us sufficient time to process. Orders received after 12pm would be consolidated and fulfilled the following week's cycle. The coffees goes through our weekly production cupping to ensure quality control, before being packed and picked by our delivery partners on Thursday, delivery will take 2-3 working days. 

We would be using a combination of different delivery couriers (J&T, Qxpress and Singpost) for deliveries within Singapore to ensure that orders are delivered on time. Any purchases above $40 will also enjoy free 2-3 working days shipping. 

As these are estimated delivery timings are provided by our delivery partners, we are unable give assurance in light of any potential shipping delays, especially in this times where there is a surge in demand for delivery services. We seek your kind understanding and you may use the tracking number to follow up with either companies for more updates.

We regrettably are unable accept returns for our coffee orders as all orders are checked before being shipped out to you. If you have any issues, you can contact us at

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